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Unless you have been living under a rock for some time, you would know that the majority of women despise the state of modern-day dating and relationships. Are modern women ruining romance with their feminisms? DANIEL narrates a case of Maggie and the boys.

It is everyone’s dream to have a family and build each other up in a relationship. On the other hand, the worst thing in life is not knowing someone else intentions with you in their life. We all get into a relationship hoping for a good end result which is growing old together. In this generation, that seem to be arduous because having a baby without a dad has become a new norm. As we wanted to know why most ladies prefer being single-mothers, Jacinta, one of our friends was willing to give us her view on this. She is one of those that just want to raise the kid on their own.

I had joined Jacinta and Jeff in their favorite joint, county2county Grill. I knew Jacinta had a lot to share since the last time we were together we only had a limited time. We all ordered our favorite Kenya Original beers. We have a soft spot for the mango and ginger, so that came as a bucket then two of the apple and ginger beer. Just before we could dive into the conversation, we could notice a stressed lady beside our table all alone. Red dress with a deep cleavage, swinging braids that hid part of her fair light skin. A news anchor would be my best guess.  After some few minutes, she gets up and receives a call. Few minutes later on the call, she gets back to her sit, takes a double shot of whiskey alone and orders another round.

She looked stressed, but maybe we were wrong and she was just waiting for someone. We continued prating, ordering round after another.  “Hello, am Maggie, can I join you?” a soft voice interrupted. It was her. I could help but notice her curvaceous body. Her dress was also shorter than I thought. “Sure, you can join us” I welcomed her with a grinning.

We all started having candid conversation and Maggie never seem to be like a stranger anymore. She was chatty and good vibes kinda lady. She finally drifted our conversation to ‘what men really want in women’.  I could tell, it was a bit personal on this one as a pale mood covered her smile. I handed her one apple and ginger, before I could respond. “We only want submissive lady,” Jeff interjected the long stares that froze between me and Maggie. “It’s just submission” he insisted as he proposed a toast.

We all drunk to that. “That will be hard! Nowadays we are equal. We all went to school and have same opportunities. That makes it hard for most of us women to submit” Jacinta interjects. She adds, “maybe that is why most of us ladies find it hard having a man around. But at the end, we really regret it when age catches up.” Maggie was silent on this one. “You look like people I can trust” she said before she opens up about his relationship with Kim, his baby daddy. She admits she was often on the wrongs and it was hard for her baby daddy to understand her.

She starts,

Before I met kim, my baby daddy, I thought all men are the same. I actually went for my current baby daddy because I wanted a kid not because I wanted a relationship or a man to flaunt around. My ex-boyfriend really botched things by cheating around a couple of times. I ghosted him before meeting Kim. He was different. The good kind of different. I was already toxic. My ex made me toxic. My baby daddy is innocent. I have always made his life hard until he had to ghost me. I don’t think he will ever forgive me for all this. That’s why am always here alone, drinking myself to sleep. Just to forget about a little of my past. I destroyed a family. He was a good guy. I admit. I realized that a woman will never teach a boy how to be a man. A son needs a father figure. And his dad would be the best. But I destroyed everything. Jacinta, you all know very well life is hard without a man in your life. But it becomes hard for us to admit, right?”

“Yes, Maggie, we always regret at the end. Life becomes harder without a man in our life. We all regret not being submissive.”

We all cheered and promised Maggie and Jacinta we will always have their back and give a listening ear. TBC


TAG: “Men will always disappoint you!” Whoever came up with this phrase must have been in a dire heartbreak.


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