Over time this hybrid meal has grown in popularity, though good food and companionship are still hall-marks of the experience we call brunch, Kenya restau-
rants have now joined as an icon to offering brunch experiences. With the lock down our minds were clogged to thoughts of weekends spent relaxing on the patio in the mid-morning sun. Now every weekend offers a limited window in which you can enjoy a storied meal which is both breakfast and lunch but always comes
with a cocktail/ Mocktail or wine. Storytelling is best over brunch. It’s many peoples favourite way to spend time together socializing while sharing a meal. It’s time to reflect: a time to encourage one another, a time to celebrate the highs of the week and a time to acknowledge the lows. This kind of relationship seems to naturally build around a table full of food and conversation. I believe it’s one of the reasons this community is thriving and why brunch is such a popular activity for Kenyans. In this issue, we indulge ourselves while leaving our diets behind to taste all the joints Nairobi has to offer for breakfast. We bring a guide to making that back-yard a nestto host brunch at home and ultimate joints to brunch in Nairobi. It was hard work, really. Narrowing down the options was the hardest part. From staples like Pepper tree, to hidden gems like Geco café, to new takes on outdoor leisures in Tigoni and Evergreen park, eating brunch will always leave you coming back for more next weekend. We’ve got you brunches and other dining experiences that are fancy, affordable, or cheap as hell. That’s the power of a
perfect brunch. That’s why it’s not enough to just write about it. As you think about where you will be sharing your next meal be sure to keep social distance and stay safe all times. Sanitize and keep healthy even as you escape with your small circle. Opportunity awaits, and so does some delicious food. Happy brunching !

Letter from the Editor,

Felix Kavii