Kempinsky Broach Up Security For Its VIPs

Villa Rosa Kempinski management plan of putting a bulletproof barrier on a section of the hotel facing the Nairobi Expressway is underway.

5 Star Luxury Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya | Villa Rosa Kempinski Nairobi

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According to Kempinski’s director of sales Judy Matengo,the move was attributed to the position of the hotel and security of hotel’s VIP guests.

The rooms are far and not very close to the road. The only thing close is the swimming which is open and we have started taking security measures. We are going to have bulletproof (glass) there… We respect our guests’ privacy,” she said.

The hotel position had before risen a lot of questions to the public but it is still thriving well.

However, dignitaries from all over booked the room ahead of Kibaki’s burial few days ago.  The 200-room property were fully booked.

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