Just Booze- Chapter IV

Unanswered questions

Knowing what to share and what not to share is an important communication skill for couples to learn and use in their relationship. Being honest with your spouse does not necessarily mean you must share every single thought, dream, fear, or fantasy with this person. In fact, honesty may be a double-edged sword in your marriage. Grab your Ballantine’s Whisky as DANIEL NDIWA narrates the drama.

Alex and Ezra needed to hear Nana’s side of the story. But there were some unanswered questions as to why Nana was ready to open up to me and not his boyfriend or Abel. Good thing with our friendship is that we had always learnt to calm down and relax before jumping into any kind of conclusion after an argument. I knew everything would turn out well hopefully at the end. Ezra had calmed down as soon as we walked out after few shots of Ballantines whiskey. We were not sure of what was going to happen after their conversation. It was then or never. We hoped that Nana and Ezra could resolve the difference and look in to the depth of their relationship.

I now had time to talk to Alex and explain everything that happened. Maybe Ezra would get to understand my story through Abel. I really had to assure Abel that nothing had ever happened between Nana and I and it was never going to happen. Abel was curious to know the miscarriage part of Nana’s story and why I thought Nana was comfortable enough to tell me. I had to be easy with my words to make him understand me.

We knew this needed a place where we could be taking shots as we talk about it. We had to rush back to the house to see the situation and alert Ezra and Nana where we would be just in case, they needed us. We thought of our favourite joint where we would be sure of getting served our best drinks. The place always had this placid environment that made us open up. Not forgetting the whiskey cocktails too that they served us.

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Now it was time to open up and explain everything. As we grabbed our drink, I started narrating the ordeal to Alex:

Bro, you know, it’s not like Nana is a community wife. You know if there is one thing we respect as men is our friend’s girlfriends. And we would never do anything to break our friendship. Nana was afraid to tell Ezra of her miscarriage. You know how Ezra is keen when it comes to traditions? You remember how he told us the other day how he firmly believes in “red thigh girls” stories and how he believes in generation curses? Alex laughed that off and reminded me of how Ezra once told us that in their traditions he should never be seen shaking hands with the mother-in-law or anywhere close to Nana’s mother. These are those things that would make Nana freak out and be uncertain of their relationship together. We had always taught him to embrace the new era and forget about those traditions. As for Nana, she thought that Ezra would leave her believing that miscarriages were caused by few traditions. But deep down, Nana had a problem beyond that. Nana had invasive prenatal test that might have caused her to have that miscarriage. She was always looking for some good time to share with Ezra so he could walk the journey together with her. Bro, you know how these tests can ruin you? Alex did kit seem like he was getting me.

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I had to give him some bit of explanation on what those tests are and what it entails. As a medicine student, I explained to him that there are usually two sampling. The Amniocentesis and Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS). These are invasive diagnostic treatments that allow testing of fetal chromosomes mostly used to diagnose chromosomal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome but they can also be used to detect some inherited genetic disorders in high-risk families like Nana’s family.

“Bro, we really need to seat down and talk about this and assure the two, Ezra and Nana we are all together in this. The two need us the most. Let’s work this out together when Nana is ready” Alex interjected. Before we could utter anything else, Ezra’s text popped. “Hey man, can we join you? Where are you two? We have a thing to talk about. Am coming along with Nana.”


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