Just Booze- Chapter III


We might be having a good heart and good intentions but things sometimes take unexpected turn. A friendship bond is as strong the character of the two parties and there are few things that destroy friendship and might cost us a lot. Grab your Ballantine’s Whisky as  DANIEL NDIWA narrates the drama

I knew not everything was going to end up well. I was wondering what I could explain to my friends Ezra and Abel. Their team seemed to have lost the match. And I was there with his girlfriend inside their house. As their steps and voice were getting louder as they were approaching, I had few seconds to think of what I was going to tell the two lads

“You always keep time man! That’s why we like you. But some people here would have taken forever!” He said it jokingly as he was looking at Naya. Naya replied, “Babe don’t start!”.  These were Ezra’s first words as he was getting in his house. I knew I had escaped scrutinizingly. Naya and I looked at each other smiling unabashedly.

Unknowingly of their where about, Ezra decided we have some Ballantines shots before we could go out and start the party. The two football fanatics seemed disappointed having lost. “Haha…is that why you came early?” Naya said this acting all angelic and concerned. She went straight to their bedroom to get things ready before we could get off I guess.

Naya’s phone was just on the table. We were all concentrated on the game blitz of the concluded match. This definitely didn’t seat well with them so we decided to switch off the Tv and get on with our man talk. Abel jokingly started by asking me if I went to my place and returned to his. That sounded weird.  I staggered before I could answer. The guilt of going back to Ezra’s place was burying me up. So I brushed it off with a simple yes. Suddenly, Naya’s phone rang. Before anyone could pick it up, it went unanswered  so we continued with our chit-chat as we imbibed the fine whiskey.

Ezra tried calling Naya but it seemed she was too busy or deep in thoughts. He was probably alerting her that her phone just rang. I woke up and went to the wash room. The washroom was positioned in a way that you could see the bedroom if it was half opened. As I was heading to the washroom, I could notice Naya crying and hugging her pillow. I went back and pretended that I saw nothing. How could I tell Ezra that his girl was crying in the bedroom?

After some few minutes, a text popped on her screen. Ezra decided to chirp and get to see who just texted. I was one of those people who last texted with Naya. Ezra was curious to see what we were texting with Naya. On my end, I had already deleted the texts. I knew if Ezra could ever get to see that it could be the very end of our friendship.

Wow! Ezra exclaimed as he gazed at me. He was boiling. His blood shot eyes could pierce a living soul. I felt as though I could interject the silence with an explanation. “So, you did not even go back to your place? Did you! You came back for her, my girl of all people?”

Ezra stormed to his room as Abel went in with him. I stayed rooted wandering whether to own it up or just to come up with a cock story. “Naya!” Ezra’s voice roared the room.


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