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You know you’ve fallen in love with Africa the moment you set foot on Zanzibar’s soil. Unguja Island, often known as Zanzibar, is part of the Zanzibar Archipelago and is located east of Tanzania. It is arguably one of this continent’s most alluring islands.

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Another compelling incentive to visit this island right away is the opening of the Zuri Zanzibar Hotel & Resort, which is covered in stunning white sand. It calls Kendwa Village, a picturesque seashore that overlooks the Indian Ocean, on the northwest coast of Unguja, home.

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Since there is no tide force in the waters, swimming is safe and aquatic activities are enjoyable. The resort will include the Zuri Spice Garden, an enclave of lush greenery ideal for a peaceful stroll or meditation, as an homage to Zanzibar’s historic spice business. The hotel’s design by Jestico + Whiles is the perfect fusion of contemporary accents and green building techniques.

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The Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, continues to be the main draw for tourists looking to experience the extraordinary Swahili culture. Zanzibar is an eclectic mash-up of European, Persian, Indian, and Arab culture and elements as a result of global wars and changing masters during colonization.


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