Woman Found Dead In A Lodging In Pangani

Police in Pangani, Nairobi, are looking into a case in which a woman’s body was discovered in a residence where she had been staying with an unidentified male.
On Tuesday afternoon, hours after she had passed away, the corpse of the woman, 32-year-old Becky, was discovered inside the residence. When police arrived on the scene, they reported that white foam was coming out of the woman’s lips.

The day before, she and a guy whose records were not recorded checked into the room.
When cleaners were checking the room on Tuesday, they received no answer, so they decided to open the unlocked door.

All guests staying in hotels and lodges must have their information collected by the management.
After being discovered on the bed, the corpse was handled and taken to the mortuary for an autopsy.

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Police claim they are still looking into the incident and have not yet made an arrest, determined the death’s cause, or determined the reason, if any.

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