Wines and Roaring Fire

Good wine with fancy meals is a no-brainer. But really, the best time to drink well is when the food can stand to be taken up a notch. After tasting a whole raft of wines with these campfire classics, we found some seriously stellar matches that pair perfectly with a roaring fire (and your favorite fuzzy blanket)— at great prices.


1.2017 Yealands Single Pinot Noir (Ksh.2,900)

This Full & structured, yet elegant ultra-smooth sipper features notes of warm dark cherry, violets & spice with luscious flavours. After every sip, it lingers in your mouth with pleasant tannins and bright acidity. Intense and polished, it seasons the palate perfectly between each bite. Instant campfire upgrade.

  1. 2016 Montes Aplha Cabernet Sauvignon, (Ksh.3,000)

This vintage collection Sauvignon answers that burning question of what red to pour with sausage on a stick, spicy or otherwise while enjoying the bonfire. Its outstanding aromas of ripe black fruits complemented by ripe, smooth flavours of damson coulis, chocolate-covered cherries and crème de cassis stand up beautifully to the fire-roasted meat. The sweet core balances any spice and the inherent freshness cuts the fat. It’s not complicated or terribly complex, but pretty sure this pour will please all your pals around the fire pit. Great value for the money, too.

  1. 2017 Sparkling Roger Goulart Rosé Coral bubbles, (Ksh.2,500)

Bona fide Champagne is the perfect match for popcorn. But it’s a bit precious for a pouring alongside the pitched tent, so pour this fine fizz instead. Made elegant, soft and sparkling, it starts with restrained aromas of raspberry and violet then races across the palate all crisp and dry.

Taut flavours of ripe berries, crushed violet, lemon zest and a stony minerality are all beautifully integrated into this sparkling gem. Love the price, too.






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