Why you Should Eat Some Sweet Dessert Before Meals

When one is feeling hungry, sweet dessert helps us to overpower the wind in the stomach. The sugar creates energy that makes you crave for something more to eat.
Eating sweets dessert before meal can activate the taste buds.

3 Reasons You Crave Sweet or Salty Foods – Cleveland Clinic

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On the contrary, it is not advisable to finish your meals with sweets. It usually leads to bloating and formation of gas.

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“The sweet taste acts quickly on the taste buds and saliva. Eating the sweet item first enables the flow of digestive secretions,“ says nutritionist Supriyaa Nair. “If you eat sweets at the end of meals, you are slowing down your digestion.“ If the idea of gobbling a gulab jamun before roti-sabji doesn’t agree with you, having even a bite or two of a sweet before vegetables and chapati or rice will help you absorb vitamins and nutrients better.”

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Additionally, eating dessert at the end means that the empty calories and sugar suppress the digestive fire, causing fermentation and indigestion thanks to the acid produced. it’s not uncommon to experience bloating in this case according to nutritionist Supriyaa Nair.

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