What you need to know about Wagyu, most expensive meat

The name “Japanese cow,” which roughly translates to “wagyu,” is a not-so-subtle indication that the traits of the beef you’re going to eat are determined by birth—and its birthplace. A purebred cow must have genetic ties to one of the four Japanese-born breeds listed below in order to be given the wagyu appellation in Japan: Akage Washu (Japanese Brown), Kuroge Washu (Japanese Black), Mukaku Washu (Japanese Polled), or Nihon Tankaku Washu (Japanese Shorthorn).

The lineage and subsequent cultivation of these breeds is what attracts top dollar. These breeds were chosen mostly because of their endurance and inclination for marbling, the white specks of intramuscular fat you’ll notice dispersed throughout a cut of lean pink meat.

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Wagyu beef

Is a 13000 kshs plate of meat worth it?

According to Business Insider, one adult cow may be purchased for up to $30,000. such with other high-end meals, the product’s exclusivity, the experience it offers consumers, and the costs breeders bear, such the import costs of the concentrated feed needed to increase their bovines’ waistlines, all contribute to the exorbitant prices. Due to a rigorous feeding regimen that might last up to two years, a cow raised for wagyu beef can accumulate up to 50% of its weight in fat before being slaughtered. It all boils down to flavour, which is why farmers, eateries, and eventually customers are willing to spend whatever is required. When prepared, the marbling in the fat dissolves into the fibres of the muscle.

How long does it take to breed wagyu?

“It takes five generations to breed and get 100 percent full-blood Wagyu. The process starts with half Angus and half Wagyu, then 75 percent Wagyu and finally a full-blood Wagyu.

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wagyu beef

It takes a long time to get to purebred Wagyu like those found in Japan,” says Mr Wade.

“In Australia, the Wagyu cattle are fed olives, hemp seeds, and garlic that make their meat more flavourful. They are sent off to slaughter and are then graded according to their marbling. The highest grading in Australia is over 9 while in Japan it can go up to 60,” he says.

Instead of the pricey and pure-bred Wagyu from Japan, restaurants in Kenya serve Wagyu from Australia. Black Angus and Wagyu cattle are used to produce the majority of the Australian Wagyu that is sold in Kenya.

In Japan, where the cattle were employed to pull ploughs in the fields, wagyu first appeared. They discovered the meat to be so delicious when they cooked it that they turned it into a national treasure. Only in the 1970s was it permitted to be exported outside of the country.

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