What Next For Russian Brewing Company After Hops Becoming Tough to get?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has ensued in a substantial global economic backlash. Major brands like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have suspended their business in Russia, and Russian exports have taken a hit too. For instance, America began shunning imports of products like Russian vodka.

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However, domestic Russian products aren’t exempted from the chaos, either. Take Russia’s brewing industry for instance. Russia may be one of the world’s top producers of grains. However, another major beer component is expected to be tough to come by in just a few months: hops.

Hops are the green cone-shaped flowers, or “inflorescence,” of the Humulus lupulus plant. They’re a climbing perennial with a distinct jackpot for craft brewers.



A massive 98 per cent of hops used to make Russian beer are imported from outside of the country, primarily from Germany, the Czech Republic, and the United States. This is according to Reuters, and so Russian brewers have already asked the agriculture ministry to begin figuring out ways to make up the inevitable shortfall that will occur. This will only happen if the Ukraine conflict and its resulting trade sanctions continue for an extended period.

Referring to a letter from the Russian Union of Brewers seen by the Russian newspaper Kommersant, Reuters reports that Russian-owned brewers only have sufficient hops on hand to make beer for a few months.

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As a result, they’ve asked for over $6 million in government subsidies over the next three to five years to boost local output of the bines required to make traditional beer.

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