Wetlands in Peril – A Climate Change Imperative

Wetlands occur wherever water accumulates for enough long periods that allow the establishment of plants and animals adapted to the aquatic environment. Wetlands contain biodiversity of exceptional conservation significance, with many unique ecosystems and a wide array of regionally and globally-threatened species. At the same time, they typically form an essential component of local, national and even regional economies, as well as underpinning the livelihoods of local communities.

Save the Wetlands

Although a vital life-support systems for people, livestock and wildlife, contaminants in wetlands are emerging concern. 35% of wetlands have been lost in the past 4 decades. As #climatechange becomes a harsh reality, wetlands mitigate some of the adverse effects. About half the global wetland area has been lost due to unsustainable agriculture practices, urbanization and pollution. Populations of wetland-dependent species are declining and many are threatened. Global water quality is still getting worse.
WWF Kenya is championing effective policy and management for wise use to understanding of the drivers of change in wetlands so that the root causes of wetland loss and degradation can be addressed. Legal and policy instruments, economic and financial incentives and sustainable production are instruments used to increase capacity building and encouraging diverse perspectives. Together, we can conserve and restore degraded wetlands.

Save the Wetlands

From Drying to Thriving: The Importance of Saving Wetlands in a Changing Climate
A wetland, whether smaller than a hectare or covering a vast area, is a sign of a healthy ecosystem.

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We urgently need to conserve them. Knowledge is key, both improving current inventories and research but, critically, also getting better at communicating this to the wider public. Investment is essential, from governments and others, recognizing the role that wetlands play as natural infrastructure.
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Save the Wetlands

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