Weird Cuisines You Will Only Find In Kenya

Every country has its weird food. Aside from the common meals, some community might find some weird food delicious while to some, it is far from being delicious.

In Kenya, there are different communities that eat some weird food. Here is the list


If you ask any Kenyan what they know about mutura, they will just tell you it is the best street food one can think of. Morever, they are popularly known as Kenyan sausage.

They are intentines wrapped will all parts of meats inside. Later, they are grilled and its delicious.

Roasted Mice

Yes, roasted mice. It sounds weird but any one from Mijikenda will tell you its their addiction.

They are roasted with their skins and taken with Ugali.


Besides from the roasted mice, Mopane is one of Minikenda’s favourite food.


Nonetheless, they are usually de-spined to remove fats and they are fried like a normal meat. Mopane are slagish caterpillars.


When it is rainy season, the luhya and Luo community rejoice. Moreover, this is when the termites are in plenty.

Termites are mostly eaten by Luhya and Luo community mostly. They are usually fried and eaten with Ugali.

This is one of the best meals of the region.

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