Wanderlast: Ride and Hike In Suswa

 Train Ride to Suswa & Hike / Catch the Train – Into the Badlands

From the World’s only Wildlife Capital to Suswa is indeed an experience for all to witness. The new craze has caught most Nairobians subscribe to: Going as far away as they can to avoid the city noises, pollution, and all that, just to connect with nature and explore more of what this country has to offer. Suswa, a small town, not very far from Narok. Mt. Suswa has a low-lying unassuming profile, belying the spectacular views you encounter up close. Rocky hills, badlands, dust, acacia trees, and strong communities are what characterize this part of the Nation. If you’re looking for a cheap out-of-town getaway, then this should be on your bucket list.

1.The Ngong to Suswa is unarguably the most scenic train ride in Kenya; You go through 3 train tunnels, and experience majestic views of the GRV including Mt Suswa, Gicheru mines, and Mt Longonot.

  1. The train ride cuts through The Nairobi National Park- allowing scenic sites of wildlife and a river dividing the park and settlements of Ongata Rongai.
  2. It’s only two hours to Suswa with the Madaraka express. A distance of 122 km between Nairobi and Suswa by road.
  3. You can catch a return ticket with the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) with a 4h 30 mins break. From 11.00 am to 4.45 pm. SGR Train ticket is only- Ksh 100 (One way)
  4. The tunnel at Embulbul is one of the longest in Africa. Running a good 4.5 km.
  5. You can complement the train ride with a hike at Mt. Suswa, one of the best-hiking destinations in Kenya.
  6. Mt. Suswa is a double crater volcano with a shield- shaped cone covering an area of about 270 km squared. It’s inner volcano soars to an altitude of 2356m above sea level at its summit.
  7. Hiking Mt. Suswa trail is a breath-taking experience. The 10 km return trip take about 4 hours comfortably to do the outer crater.
  8. A wanderer tired of the fast life in the city would find peace hiking Mount Suswa. It is also known to have a few caves that you’d want to explore with your team.

10.The Suswa caves are home to large populations of bats. As you crawl through the caves you can view the colonies of bats hanging from the roof, asleep and dead until evening when they steam out.

  1. Entry to the hiking trail costs around Ksh.500 per day while camping comes at an additional cost of Ksh. 500 at the Suswa conservancy.


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