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Kenya is not short on brilliant bars, but some take things to the very highest level. It boasts a bustling nightlife scene whether you looking for a place in the city where you can enjoy sundown, dance the night away at a nightclub, or enjoy live music from talented local artists. We got you in this, we will tell you the best joints that are indeed making the nightlife of the nation Buzz. Dress up, grab your mates and let’s head off to the new home of entertainment- VIP Volume Club.

Away from the bustling Nairobi and to the calm breeze of Kenya’s coastline hides the multimillion executive club. Dubbed the new VIP Dubai, club volume has earned its accolades as an executive luxury club offering a VIP experience, second to none. The Avant-grade club has wiggled on every visitor’s tongue only to confess the experience as a taste of Dubai luxury clubs right at home.

VIP Volume, affiliated with former Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, has oozed life to the calm Shanzu region. This new gem in Mombasa is a true masterpiece. The picturesque interior is a haven for selfie lovers as the Versace- themed walls are completed with gold-coated lion statues that speak power and class. The lighting work dedicated to the facility is outstandingly well done and you can tell from the popped ambiance.

The club has been the town’s affair, attracting legions of revelers. The spectacular dance floor is bulletproof and is designed with improved architectural technology that gives the dancers an off-the-ground feel. With a capacity of 15,000 people, the star-studded facility has welcomed its doors to some of Africa’s greatest artists like Tanzanias’ Rap star Darassa, Harmonize, Otile brown and Ndovu kuu to name but a few.
The place is all dazzle & fun. The party-goers will enjoy all under one roof. To culminate the drink experience, the clubs offer over 1,947 liquor varieties most of which are imported. The food is tantalizing and the chefs ensure selected ingredients for their dishes that have been labels of excellence for supreme quality cuisine.

Step into the VIP club any day and you are sure to be entertained. This has embroidered their theme nights that accommodate all sundry. VIP Volume Club is truly a unique place, It has a lot of glam and has an elite feel to it. It easily passes as one of the best VIP experiences at its best. We highly recommend you make your reservation on time to book your space in the highly-favored den.
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