UNSULLIED – Nyama Nyama Mama..

Nyama Mama, Capital Centre.

Kicker: In this decade’s first article on the Unsullied we take sneak peek into one of Nairobi’s most culturally inclusive restaurant, Nyama Mama’s.

Nyama Mama opened its first branch in Kenya in 2016, with a concept of introducing something so familiar and comfortable to Kenyans while still giving it a modern concept. Their flagship restaurant was at Delta Towers in Westlands.

After vast growth and tremendous success – The restaurant won Best African Cuisine on the Continent – they expanded, opening their Capital Centre branch in 2018.

Location and Access

Located at the Capital Centre in Nairobi, along Mombasa Road, the establishment has become a focal point of the area serving local residents and tourists

connecting to the a

irport. The restaurant is also easily accessible from the CBD using either private or public transport.

Interior; Sights & Feels

“Giving the African food experience a much needed modern makeover,” best describes the insides of Nyama Mama. The outside name banner theme of Nyama Mama is white and black but still manages to be artistic and modern. Don’t let that fool you though, because the interior is a whole splash of colours.

If you’re African, being inside Nyama Mama makes you feel at home, but with a twist. For non-Africans, it feels like home but with an African twist.

There is no single standing color that stands out inside. The walls are red, some black and even cream. The tables have been set out differently in all sorts of variations. The ‘vitenge’ couches are actually a good touch giving the place an African homely touch. There are tables of four or more if you are a huge crowd.

The various artefacts in and around the place give you a nostalgic feeling. Kettles, cups and even plates are not your modern ones. On the wall are also sculptures the Big Five reminding you what beauty Kenya has to offer.


Nyama Mama isn’t a stylish roast house for its classy African setting and appearance only but this is also reflected in their menu. The place isn’t called ‘Nyama Mama’ for no reason.

Their menu is broken down into so many variables and will almost leave you confused.

Their flame grills titled under ‘Mama Grill’ which is served with a choice of sauce (mushroom sauce, pepper sauce, onion herb gravy or mint sauce), mashed potatoes and grilled tender stem broccoli are a huge variety. Some of their signature grills are Grilled beef tenderloin 1600 /-, Lamb chops 2700 /-, T-bone 3600 /-, Rib-eye 3500 /-, Grilled Praw 2500 /-, Pork chops 2000 /-, New York steak 3000 /-

Some nice twist that Nyama Mama menu has is their Chapati Wraps. This is chapatti with a uniquely styled chapatti with some nice stuff inside. Some of the wraps include Seared chicken tikka (sweet mango chutney and kachumbari) for 800/- and the Grilled halloumi (pickled onions, sukuma wiki, smoky mayo) that goes for 700 /-.

The vegetarians are also catered for in the ‘Shamba la Mama’ menu section. Some vegetarian salads include the Organic garden salad (lettuce, cucumbers, olives, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, baby corn, citrus & mustard vinaigrette) for 500 /- and the Roasted pumpkin & feta salad (baby spinach, pumpkin seeds, peppers, balsamic & honey dressing) that goes for 600 /-.

Thumbs Up

The service is great. Nyama Mama has some of the best Chefs and waiters. They know their way around their meat and cocktails. The hospitality levels are pure 5- star level.

Short distance from the CBD. Getting to Nyama Mama takes less than 5 minutes from the CBD.

Thumbs Down

The food portions could be more.

UNSULLIED – Nyama Nyama Mama..

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