Unmistakably Polo – Symphony of Elegance and Frothy Fun

As the horses galloped and mallets clashed, the attendees embarked on a journey through the art of crafting malt beer, guided by the effervescent Rose.

The mysteries of 100% malt beer fermentation were unveiled, giving our eager audience a raw, unfiltered taste of brewing expertise. And then came the malt shandies, the undisputed stars of the day, taking indulgence to unprecedented heights. When the final polo chukker was played, the event transformed into a high tea extravaganza that was nothing short of enchanting.

The setting morphed into a picturesque wonderland, where influencers, fashionistas, and other notable personalities added a sprinkle of stardust to the atmosphere. It was as if elegance and glamour had a love child, and they named it “Unmistakably Polo.” Fashion statements ranged from trendsetting to awe-inspiring, and conversations were as captivating as the Polo matches themselves. The evening evolved into a delightful spectacle, with attendees twirling the night away, their laughter and joy elevating the charm of the event to astronomical levels.


From noon till the late hours of the night, the revelry knew no bounds. Tasty delights lined the culinary path, offering an array of treats to satiate every craving. Chicken roast, beef roast, shawarmas, sausage chomas, hot dogs – you name it, they had it. Whether you were a polo aficionado or a devout follower of crafted beer, this event transcended mere entertainment; it was a jubilant celebration of life, a testament to living it to the absolute fullest.

This wasn’t just a tournament; it was a symphony of elegance, a gala of grandeur, a fiesta of finery. It was #PoloWithTuskerMalt, and it was everything you never knew you needed.

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