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Ultimate chop house experience at Radisson Blu

Whether you’re a nominal dinner or an adept fine dinner, The Radisson Blu’s hotel is certainly a destination to try out. Located in Upper hill, the tall rising Radisson Blu is a prominent structure in the vicinity glaring in full beauty and magnificence. Depending on the time of the day, the shade of the foodies’ haven reflects Nairobi’s astute growth in the hospitality industry as the sun rays kisses its curvature. It’s the sort of destination you’d go to for a good dose of luxury without the worry of leaving town.

Radisson Blu hosted a chop house experience event which brought together corporate guests, influencers, and media to sample the new menu Executive Chef Wayne Walkinshaw created for the Chop House restaurant.

Exuding elegance and charm, Chophouse offered a serene night in an exclusive menu tasting dubbed, the ultimate chop house experience.  The experience masterfully elevated beloved grilled meat dishes to an unmatched level. With an open kitchen show the guests watched as the experienced Chef Wayne worked up the dishes.


The Experience:

Crab Loaf

To start us off was the Crab Loaf. We were served to a delightful fried brioche with Mombasa crab salad with cucumber liquid gel and a splash of lemon mayonnaise. Paired with dehydrated apple this cushioned well as a perfect opener for what was to come.

Bone Marrow

Deconstructed to a perfect Kenyan classic the Oxtail ragout was jelled with cheese & herb gratin. The bacon Jam and confit mushrooms sat well on top to a perfect mix as the bone broth gave the dish a palatable sensation.

Pork Belly

Next was the Honey& soy glazed pork paired with potato puree. The rich balance was out of this world. Some sweetness oozed from the sweet chili prawn that balanced well with the apple puree pork skin popcorn. Did I mention the crisp inn it? Luscious!

Confit Duck

Treated to one of the most luxurious of foods in French cuisine this gently cured duck drumette bathed in its own fat and slowly cooked to falling-off-the-bone perfection is everything to die for. Also in it was the duck grilled breast paired with whisky marmalade sauce and hibiscus liquid gel. Some roasted garlic potato puree gave it some flare, while the charred zucchini completed this sinful combination of silky meat and crackling skin.


Onto the star of the show was the Rib-eye. Rib-eye roast on the bone is always a crowd-pleaser. The medium rare steak paired well with some hearty mushroom cream and béarnaise. The flavours were in sync with the potato pillow, undeniable to have a second bite of the dish.

Dark Chocolate Tart

You can never go wrong with baked treats and ice cream. This warm white chocolate sponge with caramel chocolate gelato is a perfect match. Topped with pickled black berries and honey comb the chocolate Tart paired with red wine was so divine.  Perfect for any chocoholic.

The Ultimate Chophouse Experience as presented by the executive chef was  a delightful culinary expressions.



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