UK citizens ranked Kenya among the top international destinations

According to The Telegraph Travel Awards, Kenya has reclaimed its place among British citizens’ top vacation spots.

Kenya was ranked seventh in the yearly study among other countries with beautiful landscapes and top national parks.

Kenya however, has changed drastically during the last ten years. Kenya plummeted from ninth place in 2014 to a weak 22 in 2019.

Terror attacks in Nairobi between 2013 and 2019 had a significant impact on this deranking process since they caused tourists to stop flying in for vacations.

Maasai Mara safari overcrowding stresses Kenyan wildlife - BBC News

Kenya returned to its renowned position in 2023, surpassing nations like South Africa and Botswana. The poll results may enhance Kenya’s reputation as a travel destination.

The Maasai Mara came in first place as one of the most popular places according to a number of criteria considered by The Telegraph to determine the ranking. Maasai Mara has earned a reputation as one of the best travel destinations in the world thanks to its profusion of wildlife and welcoming locals.

Kenya’s ranking was boosted by its shoreline along the Indian Ocean. Sandy beaches and first-rate beach resorts served as a powerful draw for tourists from the UK.

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The British have also been forced to travel to Kenya for the holidays due to the direct flights from London to Nairobi.

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