Twiga Food oversees private firms’ queue at Galana Kulalu

The William Ruto administration has begun distributing pieces of Kenya’s multibillion-dollar project to private investors, signalling a change in policy from the administration of previous President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Twiga Foods, an agri-tech company, has already begun growing maize at the Galana Kulalu irrigation project as it plans to grow further crops on 20,000 acres as part of a public-private partnership (PPP) arrangement.

Moreover, businesses in Qatar and the US have expressed interest in the project. The President recently instructed the Ministries of Commerce and Cooperatives to give the business Sh300 million from the Hustler Fund for financing to its suppliers.

“We have visited the farms where Twiga is doing production and we were convinced that they are the best. They will not only help us in achieving food security but also create employment,” said Mr Mugambi.

Twiga plans to develop a portion of the Galana farm after the government stated in January that it will be opening the massive irrigation project to private investors. Twiga has previously run huge farms primarily in Taita Taveta County.

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As it gets ready to roll out on a broad scale in the coming several months, Twiga began operations on the farm last month and is currently conducting experiments on 500 acres to see how much yield it can obtain from one acre.

According to Mr. Mugambi, additional investors will soon have the opportunity to farm in Galana.

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