Top Hotels Owned By Kenyatta Family

Kenyatta family is one of the most popular families in Kenya. They are also among the richest families in Kenya right now. Here are some of the big hotels owned by the family: Mara explorer, voyager, The great rift valley lodge and Samburu Intrepids.

Within Maasai Mara National Park is the Mara Explorer Camp. Ten elegant, well-maintained tents with a beautiful view of the River Talek are part of the five-star hotel. The remaining three tents contain twin beds, while the remaining seven tents have queen-sized beds. The tents have translucent windows with a Victorian theme, a roof that opens up so you can see the sky, and a place where you can watch wildlife from the comfort of your bed.

Mara Explorer Tented Camp

In the upscale Nyali district of Mombasa is where you’ll find the Voyager beach resort. Depending on the season and room type, the prices for the rooms range from Ksh 15, 000 to Ksh 40, 000. A water sports center, four bars, three swimming pools with whirlpools, and family-friendly activities are among the attractions offered.

The Great Rift Valley Lodge is located in Naivasha near the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway. The hotel has an 18-hole championship golf course and is a favorite getaway for politicians. Lake Naivasha and the amazing Great Rift Valley are both visible from the hotel.

The Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort, Naivasha – Updated 2023 Prices
The Great Rift Valley Lodge


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Samburu Intrepids is located in the Samburu Game Reserve along River Ewaso Ngiro. It is perched on a raised platform just above the river, providing an ideal vantage point for crocodiles and hippos. It provides some of the best game activities, including clear equatorial night skies for astronomy, knowledgeable tour guides, day and night game drives in jeeps, and a tour of the Buffalo Springs Reserves. A night in the hotel may cost as much as Ksh 50,000.

Samburu Intrepids Tented Camp, Archers Post – Updated 2023 Prices
Samburu Intrepids

Kipungani has thirteen magnificent rooms and is situated on the tropical island of Lamu. The 12-kilometer white sand beach along the Indian Ocean is where it is located.

Kipungani Explorer

Kayak safaris, fishing outings, seafood tastings, windsurfing, and dolphin snorkeling are some of the offered activities.



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Mara explorer

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