Top 7 Places To Take Your Dad For Father’s Day

Every dad needs to be appreciated. Well, there is nothing better than having a quality time with your dad at this time. It would mean a lot. Additionally, one needs to make this moment memorable to appreciate their dad in their life.

Father’s are underrated.

There are several places you can take your dad on this special day. Apart from places, there is a number of activities that you can do to make it even more special and unforgettable.

Ngong Hills

Ngong hills is located a few kilometres from Ngong’ town. It’s a nice place to take a nature walk as you take pictures with your dad.You can carry snack with you and have fun. During your hike, you can each each other something new and engage in some activities.

Have a jam session with your dad

Music and food can be a way to a father’s heart. One does not have to be a good musician to have a fun jam session with the father. Additionally, play and sing along your father’s favourite songs.

Turbine Ngong hotel

This hotel is not just like any other hotel. It is a small hotel located in Ngong town which is deeply inveterated in Maasai land.

Consequently, the Turbine Ngong Hotel emulates this strong Maasai culture. It will also give you a good view of Ngong hills. You can also take him to any hotel of your choice.

Nairobi national park

Located about 7 kilometres from the heart of Nairobi town, Nairobi national park is one of the best places to take your father on fathers day.

Nairobi national park

Father’s day falls in one of the crucial months June, which is the best time to visit the Nairobi National Park. A dry season which makes it easier to spot the resident wildlife during these months. The vegetation is less dense and more animals congregate for drinks at the watering holes. It usually cost less than 50 USD in a day to visit the national park.

Kitengela suspension bridge

An out with your dad can be memorable. One of the best places to visit is Kitebgela suspension bridge. It is one of the scariest bridge to cross. It needs bravery. Dads are brave, right? Why don’t you try this place out?

Kitengela glass suspension bridge

Linking Kitengela Hot Glass to Silole Sanctuary, the bridge hangs roughly 100 metres above a deep scary river valley. It’s going to be a wonderful experience.

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The visitors are assured of the bridge’s safety. The bridge is regularly maintained to ensure its safety.

Nairobi national museum

This is one of the places you would want to visit with your dad. Surprise him. Take him here so he could see some and the world’s most representative collection of antiquities of the Harappan Civilization. It is worth it.

Nairobi National museum

Giraffe centre

It is one of those places your father would love to go. In Giraffe centre, you will find an elevated feeding platform that would allows you and your dad to hand feed the giraffes.

Giraffe centre

A good experience, right? More so, there is a teahouse and curio shop there. Take tea and get him a gift from the curio shop. Additionally, there is a 2 Km nature trail to walk through.


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