The spirit of Kenya

Kenya Cane, the original cane spirit, has been part of the Kenya’s drink culture since 1976 when it was first launched. It depicts the true Kenyan spirit. It has a far-reaching influence on the nations culture and development. It symbolizes diversity in our life, and nurtures a creative spirit as it spreads joy and appreciation.

Kenya Cane Citrus Fusion, one of its variants, is a twist of tangy lemon blended with Kenya’s number one original spirit. It’s true to its flavour, as its pungent taste and smell are as noticeable, making it the ultimate compliment for a soda and lime beverage. Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) launched this new variant of Kenya Cane popularly known as KC in 2018 to stump its authority in the spirits market share in the country and increase revenue stream. Ever since it joined the established list of other successful variants, among them KC Smooth and KC Coconut, this smooth and light spirit has come a long way to be a house hold name in the nation. Its introduction was informed by current consumer trends that indicated progressive consumption and preference for flavored spirits by consumers.

“Kenya Cane is known for its rich history of delivering quality drinks that celebrate every moment. It is a beverage proudly made in Kenya by Kenyans that has not only embedded itself in many significant memories but is also a marker of our experiences.” the Marketing Manager – EABL, Branded Spirits, Kennedy Mutula

Toast na Mabeste- Tasting Notes

Highly favored by both the millennials and the old, the 40% ABV triple-distilled spirit, delivers perfectly balanced aromas of freshly-cut limes, with a silky-smooth, succulent taste. The versatile spirit has a smooth, clean taste and bright luscious flavor variants lending to creative cocktail creation. A sophisticated lemon spirit packed with citrus flavor; pleasingly dry and fresh.



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