The Return Of The Belly Dancer


Experience a true Arabian night fit for royalty at Tambourin

Taste the authentic flavors of Arabic food and the richness of Middle Eastern cuisine, while soaking up local culture with belly dancing performances. This award-winning restaurant features a blend of culture, heritage, and hospitality with a modern twist. From intimate dinners to private events, Tambourin’s stylish interiors, as well as its equally beautiful terrace, is a great venue for a dine inn.

Belly dance is an integral part of the Arabic culture, which is why tourists want to see at least one belly dance performance during their Dubai holiday. But now the exotic show is back at the stylish VillaRosa Kempinsky, something that has excited those who want to experience a true Arabian night fit for royalty. With the return of the belly dancer in Kempinsky, its evident that the belly dancing scene is thriving.

The exotic show is available from Thursday through to Saturday from 7.00 pm. The resident belly dancer, Ruth, is a top professional who has built a solid name for herself with years of experience. The experience will mesmerize you as you watch her take to the dance space in a golden, gauzy high-slit skirt and an elaborately sequinned bra top effortlessly woven into belly-wobbling routines.

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The dance performance lasts 20 to 30 minutes. In addition to a rich delicious Middle Eastern cuisine prepared by their talented Chefs, you will experience something exceptionally authentic. Bedouin hospitality is legendary! Tambourin is simply the land of belly dancing.


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