The Oddest Delicacies In Kenyan Cuisine

Every community in the world has its signature foods. Kenya is no different. You can try a number of different local delicacies in Kenya which will satisfy your taste buds in every way possible. Internationally, we are famed for our nyama choma and ugali downed with a bottle of Tusker. However, in the midst of all this glory, Kenya has its fair share of weird foods, they may differ from tribe to tribe but here is a roundup of the most unusual local delicacies that require an acquired taste.

Cow blood

Drinking blood isn’t as traumatic to the body as you think. The maasai community pierce a vein on the cow to draw some blood, then mix it with milk and put it on gourds before they drink it. Other communities here cook the ‘liquid meat’ – it hardens and tastes like liver.


When it rains in Kenya termites come off their nests and swarms happen when colonies have winged female and males and they have to mate. Some people take this opportunity to catch the insects. They eat them raw (after removing the head which is too crunchy because of the hard jaws) or fry them in a pan. They taste better when cooked.

Chicken head and feet

Next times you are enjoying that baked chicken don’t throw away the feet and head. When washed thoroughly, boiled then put to roast the becomes a little gelatinous in texture. It’s the proper seasoning that makes it so pungent and strong-tasting, with an acquired taste. If you’re feeling brave, you can try this tasty dish for yourself- but the bones get on your nerves after a while.


Synonymous with the Kenyan athletes Mursik is made from fermented milk preserved in gourds lined with specially ground fine charcoal from select trees that gives it a unique smoky flavour. To give it a twist, sometimes animal blood is added to it. People love to drink it with ugali.

Mandazi Pasua

Mandazi is a Kenyan pastry made with deep fried dough. This breakfast must have in Kenyan household, is modified to whats commonly reffered as Mandazi Pasua. Basically the mandazi is split open stashed with anything ranging from chips/ frys and mutura (intestine-encased mixture of minced pieces of cow or goat meat, tripe, and cooled blood that’s been flavored with onions, salt, pepper, and chili).Very unusual but delicious!

Jute Mellow

Jute plant (mrenda) is an indigenous luhya vegetable. While Mreda is a powerhouse of nutrients as it is rich in a large number of nutrients and has clinically proven health benefits, it looks and has mucus feel when touched.


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Pretty much summed up in the name, this is often a main dish served on a platter with one or more side dishes, such as a salad or french fries. In Kenya the mashakura dry platter is made of Kuku Kienyeji, mukimo, boiled maize, boiled cabbages with sprinkling of kachumbari.

Goat head

Considering how many places it’s eaten, perhaps it’s unfair to deem this weird. Still, it’s made mostly of goat head roasted on flames to burn off the hair and to give it some flavor.

The head is then boiled for hours before being split open to eat all the gooey meat inside including the brains! The goat head is boiled for many more days, and people keep drinking the soup.


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