The Nigerian Jollof Rice and Egusi Soup

African is home to many countries that have variety cuisines. For instance, Nigeria. Nigeria is a large country with millions of people from different traditional background and each would have their own meals.
Picture of jollof
Consequently, it would not be easy put down a nationwide staple food for Nigeria.
If you ever travel to Nigeria, one of the food that you ought to give a try is jollof rice.
Jolof comprises of rice, tomatoes, onions and pepper, it’s often served at festivities and other gala gatherings, along with other Nigerian favorites such as egusi soup (made with ground melon seeds and bitter leaf), fried plantains and pounded yam (iyan or fufu).
Jollof with chicken
The jollof rice can be taken with chicken, goat meat and other dishes.
Fufu on the other hand is mostly known because it is seen in most Nigerian movies.
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