The Food Fairy

Get ready to get hooked on some Fairy flare. The Food Fairy, part of Antonia’s Kitchen, was established in 2017 to provide safe, quality foods at affordable prices. The founder, a bush chef, author and consultant, Antonia Stogdale begun her own cookery school in the bush for chefs and guests to come and learn the complex art of bush cookery. Then Covid struck and the the cookery school closed temporarily. Then out of necessity, being the mother of creation, Antonia formed The Food Fairy. she saw there was a gap in the market for high quality, locally sourced ready meals.

Antonia and her team of chefs create nutritious, delicious, home cooked, freshly frozen ready meals. They use only the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients: meat from WELL HUNG BUTCHER, chicken from FARMER MAX, fish from KenTuna, cheese and butter from BROWNS & SIRIMON. They make all their own pasta and pastry using eggs fresh from the farm.  And they source all their veg locally or from FARM TO FEED: organic rescue vegetables.

Antonia Kitchen Cookery school and The Food Fairy kitchen are located on the edge of the Mount Kenya forest, near Nanyuki. Antonia believes it is very important for customers to know the provenance of their food and to source from local, ethical producers supporting Kenya farmers. This ensures the highest standards and the tastiest food!

Whether you are into comfort food, healthy vegetarian/ vegan choices, or something a little more indulgent, they have you covered with their wide array of dishes from pies, samosas, lasagne, fish cakes to more show stopping dishes including slow cooked Moroccan lamb, chicken kiev and Beef Bourguignon. There is a dish to more than satisfy everyone: “100% Kenyan & 100% delicious”

The Frozen ready meals are available in stores near you including @greenspoonke @zucchini_ke @onn_the_way @healthyuke @shop.butterbean @bluemarmaladewatamu @vitu_too


“Cooking is the alchemy through which raw ingredients are transformed into delicious nourishing meals “

Antonia Stogdale


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