The food fairy steak pie and trumpeter malbec

Perfect Pair

The Food Fairy Steak pie & Trumpeter Malbec 2020 wine are a match made in heaven. The Steak & Ale pie is enough to tempt anyone. It’s an irresistible combo of finest Well Hung Butcher steak slowly cooked with the delicious 254 brewing ale, encased in melting handmade rough puff pastry.100% Kenyan & 100% delicious.

The full- bodied Trumpeter Malbec has a lively structure, velvety tannins and a lingering finish which complements those beefy, umami flavours and turn this into a feast fit for a king.

Make sure you get your flavor-packed Steak & Ale Pie from foodfairykenya, cook from frozen, on the table in just 45 minutes. Available in all branches of ZUCHINNI SUPERMARKETS and ONN THE WAY SUPERMARKETS and online at GREENSPOON.

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