The Blessed

Way to go, cougar! J An overwhelming majority of couples share similar ages. But some eschew the norm, and they may even have a better relationship. James opens up his new found love that has led to a more satisfying relationship? DANIEL narrates

Yes! When you know how to decode hidden emotions, read body language, and spot a decent local, you can have a seat at our table will be able. Alex, James, and I had been meeting in our local Pub near  Rongai’s Tuskys supermarket. Any beer lover will tell you, that a pint in your local slaps better than two in another non – staggering distance. The prices of the drink in our local club, Trenton, is favorable to us. Aside, from the prices, this is home. Kukunywa na bill, Controlling the DSTV remote, Nyambura’s smile- our waitress, and suggesting your preferred music is among the many reasons we can’t miss our spots. This time, James had spotted a new joint and proposed we make a visit. Alex was wondering how James could suddenly make a move to what looked like a high-end club. I immediately presumed it was too “expensive” for the boys when I spotted some ‘Njugu and crisps’ on the table. Yes, it was one of those clubs. Since it was James who had called the shot, we swung by.

Worried about the bills, James could calm Alex down and ascertained him that we are not going to piga duster at the end of the day in case we don’t sort the bills. Now Alex was relaxed and looked curious. This was the first time we were out of our local. “Bill is on me, order what you want boys” Alex and I looked at each other as we ordered what we went for our usual, Kenya Original beer bucket. We had to start slow. James walked away and picked up some anonymous call outside the club. It was too noisy so we could just excuse him.

Alex came close and asked me, “Rada ya Leo ni gani? We tujibambe maybe Jamo bet iliingia” (Today looks odd! Let’s enjoy maybe James won a bet). Our conversation did not go beyond there because James was now back. We were both curious to ask James why he decided to take us there. It all felt different. We were so inclined in all the moves we made in that club. Everything seemed to be the next mistake.

3 beers down, Alex could no longer be calm. He softly implored why James could take us to such an expensive club. James was tipsy, he could now be open and started telling us what transpired to that:

“So boys, you know you are my all-time friends and this is our fourth year together. I have been told that last time you came to my place you did not find me. Am sorry for not showing up in that football match with the kids and I believed you really had a good time. I know that the two of you have been meeting up in our joint and I have always been “busy”

He continued, ” I feel sorry for capping on you guys, that I have been doing some academic writing after I lost my jobo. Well, I don’t know if I can continue playing in the dark no more.”

Jamo then ordered for another round of chilling K.O beer bucket. “Cheki wadau, I met this woman in that dating site we always talked about. We have been together for a while and she has now finally opened her wallet. I know, I know… he cut Alex short with an emotional speech about how he has seen love in another light.


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“I could now quench my obsession for cougars in her. I have always spent most of my time in her apartment in Kilimani. She does everything and pays all my bills. I have never shared it with anyone because I was afraid you could judge me. She was the one who called a few minutes ago.”

Now, Alex and I would stop taking our drink and in dissatisfaction, we could look at him. “Mguys you are an official ‘Ben10’” Alex erupted in laughter before James continued:

“You remember that woman who came in a Lexus 470 new model? That is the woman behind my current lifestyle. I feel like now this is the time to stop all this. What should I do? Alex and I stood there perturbed. We could now tell James not to worry about a thing and we would help him avoid that woman. James looked so much emotionally drained.

We continued guzzling our beer and James could now smirk and happy we were not too quick to judge him after realizing he did all that for money.




While there’s no denying that cougars are slinking into the mainstream, there’s still an element of taboo surrounding these age-spanning relationships.

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