The Audacity

What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? Did it involve boring conversation and bad breath? Or did it involve you getting scammed out? Allan and I were prepared to ensure these notorious women who use dating and social apps to live a life of luxury while defrauding men will never have a field day again. Grab your Ballantines Whisky and drift with DANIEL NDIWAH on this he narrates the ordeal

Allan and I had to come up with a plan. We really wanted to see why these ladies had decided to play foul. Afterward, we ordered a botti of Ballantines and cola soda from The Bar as we set to discuss the plan forward. We really wanted to see how these ladies benefit from doing all this. As we continued conversing with Allan, a brilliant idea came up. Steer them to a Truth or Dare game that would lead to going through their phone at some moment. I know with Allan’s mixology prowess and Ballantines, the antics would work.

At first, this seems to be hard. None of the ladies could stay an inch away from their phones. On my side, I had decided to invite Jane over some drinks. Allan would do the same and we could keep each other in touch. Finally, the day came. I invited Jane over. She came looking stunning as always. She looked strapped on her A-game. Things were moving smoothly, I only had to maintain the drinks so as not to fall off the radar. It was fun. Interesting too, we opened up a lot and did some imaginable stuff.

Going through her phone

Finally, I cracked to get her to give me her phone to read the last message. I could see her peeping into her phone and giggling every time and then, which ascertained to me that Allan was also playing it right on his end. Albeit being drunk she was a bit hesitant but I insistent rules and rules and we can’t spoil the fun.


“Babygirl, money attracts money. If we don’t do this, we can’t have such men and such amounts in our banks” read part of the last text from Marya. “This guy is all in and today I will get the passwords” read the last part. It was bright as day for her that I knew what this was all about. She tried avoiding this with some kisses but I wasn’t too snow on this one. I was irked by all her phony excuses and urged her to come clean or leave my apartment. Only then she broke down confessing her undying love tainted by why she lured me into this. The end game, being with me made her attract other up-scale men who were now breathing on her neck.

Final confession

She further confessed neither Jane nor Marya was working. That was their lifestyle. They took advantage of every man they were dating. Too bad they never learned about financial management. It was too hard for them to have some savings. One of them admitted how hard it was for them to save because they would get money anytime, they needed it.

We winded up the confrontation, since she had not squeezed any penny from me, and continued into the night drinking some fine whiskey. We vowed not to make it a big deal or tell our friends (Allan & Marya) as it would rock their budding relationship. I was socked in thoughts on her audacity. The frightening degree to which she believed her own bullshit. I knew better, you never corner a squirrel in an attic so I played it cool.

At this point, there was no need of now Allan to go through the conversation. So, I texted Allan and made some new plans. I had to take some vengeance. Sooner than expected. Revenge is best served cold they said, I had just shelved my intentions in the deep freezer.

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