The Alfajiri Villas Experience

Welcome to your African coastal escape-one of the most luxurious villas in the world. Renowned as one of the best luxury villas in Kenya, Alfajiri boasts unparalleled privacy and exclusivity on the edge of Diani Beach. Inspired by African design and hospitality, our villas offer you the freedom to explore with intrigue and to indulge your senses.

The Alfajiri Experience, where luxury and privacy converge to create an unparalleled coastal escape. Nestled on the pristine fringes of Diani Beach in Kenya, Alfajiri Villas redefines opulence and unveils a world of bespoke experiences that invite you to indulge your senses and embark on an extraordinary journey.

A Tapestry of Elegance  

Elevating the notion of exclusivity, Alfajiri Villas curates an experience that is as unique as each guest. Envision a retreat where every aspect is tailored to your desires. What sets Alfajiri apart is not just its luxurious accommodations, but the promise of a culinary journey that reflects your preferences. Delight in the privilege of personalized dining – from East African delicacies to Mediterranean marvels – each meal is a reflection of your taste.

Immerse yourself in the legacy of impeccable service woven by staff members who have dedicated over two decades to perfecting hospitality. Alfajiri’s ethos goes beyond hosting guests; it forges connections, and as you depart, you’ll carry with you the bonds of friendship.

Alfajiri Vilas

Alfajiri’s prime location opens the gateway to a spectrum of experiences that range from tranquil to exhilarating. Picture yourself aboard a traditional Swahili boat, gliding towards off-shore snorkeling sites that unveil the underwater wonders of the Diani coastline. Immerse in Kenya’s marine realm by visiting the Marine Education Centre, where interactive learning takes you closer to the ocean’s secrets.

As the sun kisses the horizon, find yourself at the magical sundowner spot, a rendezvous with serenity. Unwind with a daily massage in your private gazebo, an embodiment of ultimate pampering amidst nature’s embrace.


Dining at Alfajiri transcends the act of eating; it becomes an experience that resonates with all your senses. Savor a fusion of East African and Mediterranean influences, meticulously prepared with Italian love. Your palate guides the culinary narrative, making each meal an embodiment of your desires.

Seafood indulgence takes center stage, featuring succulent lobster, octopus, line fish, prawns, and crab – all sourced locally, ensuring a taste of the ocean’s bounty. Handpicked tropical fruits and organic vegetables dance on your plate, accompanied by selected wines from Alfajiri’s global collection. For our younger guests and those with special dietary needs, bespoke menus ensure everyone’s cravings are met.

Alfajiri Villas


Alfajiri’s commitment to excellence is personified by owners Fabrizio and Marica, who seamlessly blend sophisticated hospitality with discreet concierge services. The realm of possibilities within these villas is boundless. Imagine romantic dinners under the stars, sundowners on the Jacuzzi deck, or embracing the rich flavors of Swahili and Indian cuisines.

Alfajiri Vilas

Families are invited to explore a harmonious balance between relaxation and adventure. Child-minding services extend parents the luxury of tranquility, while engaging family activities foster moments of togetherness.

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