Tequila soaked watermelon with chili lime salt


Tequila-soaked watermelon with fresh lime, chili lime salt (Tajin) is the ultimate summer party snack. The Juicy, sweet watermelon infused with the almost smoky flavour of tequila, layered with mouthwatering fresh lime, rounded off with the tangy lime and chilli salt and fresh mint – like a watermelon margarita in snack form! They are perfectly served crisp and cold out the fridge.

Prep time: 10 mins

Serves: 6-8



1 whole, seedless watermelon weighing about 10 lb (4.5 kg), 750 ml -Tequila José Cuervo Especial Silver or silver, 2-3 limes (zest & juice) and Tajin* (chili lime salt)


  1. Use the vodka bottle’s cap to cut out the circle to create a hole in the watermelon
  2. Poke holes into the pink watermelon flesh using a skewer for the alcohol to seep into
  3. Pour vodka into the watermelon through a funnel until it fills up. It takes a while for the vodka to soak into the watermelon, so don’t just shove the bottle into the hole and expect it to work.
  4. Cover the hole upright with some plastic wrap and refrigerate your tequila watermelon overnight before the party.

5.Carefully slice the watermelon into rounds 2-3cm thick and then into quarters.

6.To serve, zest over a couple of limes and squeeze some of the juice. Then slice the limes and serve the remaining alongside the wedges. Sprinkle with the Tajin and fresh mint (optional), serve up and enjoy!


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