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Nothing Fishy…The year is moving on swiftly and we are slowly adapting to the new decade. The year is merely three months down but has been full of important lessons. We are however getting into groove. Here at Dishy, the food grind continues too. The days have might been slow this year but the food game moves on swiftly. This March we get into Fishy Tales. In our cover story, we take you in and around the city under the sun showing you the best spots to get your taste of fresh fish. Finding good fish is hard so we also give you some of the best joints to enjoy good fish in Dishy Treats. We get to get nostalgic as Enzi Zetu continues with yet another twist.This is an interesting month as the boys get to follow up on Allano’s fishy business in OTC. Our team have yet again brought you a piece of their heart and love. Make sure to enjoy the ride, and remember to grab a drink for Just Booze it.

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