Supermarkets Counting Losses Due To Ongoing Protests

Following a chase that resulted in protests on Wednesday, a CCTV camera at Pramukh Supermarket in Nyamasaria, Kisumu County, showed locals running into the retail store and looting it.

According to the video, many locals barged inside the store and began taking whatever they could carry while putting themselves in danger of starting a stampede.

Food including cooking oil, maize flour, and wheat flour were among the selected items. Diapers were among the other items the goons chose, underscoring the struggles that the majority of people experience.

here is the video of a supermarket being looted:

Other protesters even returned for more plunder in the video after getting their initial haul without incident. One of the counties that has been severely affected by the recent wave of anti-government protests is Kisumu.

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Supermarket being looted

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