Stivo Simple Boy Joins List of Celebrities With Drinks Brands

Three months ago, Stevo simple boy launched his ‘Freshi Barida’ clothing line and now, a juice brand. Recently, the freshi barida hitmaker has revealed that he has expanded his portfolio and that soon he will be launching his very own ‘Freshi Barida’ juice.

If his Instagram account is anything to go by, the hitmaker will now have his own juice brand. ”…na Mungu akituzidia zitakua madukani Ivi karibuni tukue freshi barida” his post read.


Simple boy is planning to have his juice in local shops soon.

Jay-Z and Diddy Spirit world

Other celebrities that have used their brand to come with drinks are hip-hop moguls, Jay-Z and Diddy. The two used their fame and paved their own way in the spirit industry. According to the Economist interview, the director of the company that makes Cristal Champagne, one of the most expensive champagnes in the world,¬†Diddy does not have his own champagne, however, he has something just as or perhaps even more valuable, which is his deal with Diageo’s Ciroc vodka.

Stars With Successful Alcohol Brands: Ryan Reynolds, Diddy, More

He started out with them in the late 2000s. However, Ciroc was just a middling vodka brand being shilled by no-name former NFL players. They decided to take a chance on Diddy, and they didn’t really have anything to lose, because Ciroc wasn’t doing very well.

Keroche Launches New Beer Brand

It was about the fiftieth-ranked vodka in the world and so Diddy came on and he applied his typical marketing panache. At around the time that Barack Obama was running for president. He started calling himself Ciroc Obama, giving that free product placement, within only a few years, Ciroc was number two in the premium vodka category, to only Grey Goose doin’ about two million cases a year.

Anerlisa Water company

On the other hand, Anerlisa Muigai started a Nero water company. Nero limited is a beverage company that manufactures and sells the top-selling executive still water across Kenya.

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