Starbucks introduces coffee beverages with olive oil in Italy

The biggest coffee business in the world, Starbucks, has announced that it will introduce a line of drinks with added olive oil in Italy.

According to CEO Howard Schultz, the “surprising, velvety, buttery flavor will improve the coffee and linger nicely on the palate of olive oil.

Starbucks is one of the well-known US companies that ran into difficulties when trying to enter the Italian food and beverage sector.

Additionally, Italian coffee houses are renowned for being independent and frequently run by families. There are now about 20 Starbucks locations nationwide.

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“Now, there’s going to be people who say, olive oil in coffee? But the proof is in the cup,” Mr Schultz said on the company’s website.

“In over 40 years, I can’t remember a moment in time where I’ve been more excited, more enthused,” he added.

This year, the company intends to introduce the variety of hot and iced drinks to Southern Californian retail locations. Subsequently, the UK, Middle East, and Japan are expected to follow.

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The Mediterranean diet is popular in countries like Italy, Greece, and Spain, relies heavily on olive oil. Nonetheless, its monounsaturated fatty acids, which contain vitamins and minerals, and polyphenols, which are micronutrients produced from plants, are partially responsible for its health advantages.

On the video-sharing website TikTok, the phrase “drink olive oil” became popular in the previous year. Its proponents claimed that it had anti-inflammatory effects.


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