Spots You Can Have A Good Breakfast In Nairobi

One of the most important meal in a day is breakfast. You have probably come across one of two classy restaurants that you would one day wish to have a breakfast as you start your day.

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Hospitality and the menu is usually what you can look as the most important thing before having your meal.

Here are top notch restaurants you can have breakfast around Nairobi.

Mug and Bean

In village market is where you will find Mug and Bean. One good thing about it is that it serves freshly prepared breakfast especiallarly baked pastries made from the scratch.

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Other meals offered include omelette, benedict classic, fresh eggs, creamy mushrooms mozzarella and so much more.

Café Bistro

When mentioning good restaurants to have a breakfast, you will never miss cafe Bistro in your list. Its serves variety of cuisines from Lebanon, mediterenian, Caribbean and Africa.

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Shamba cafe

Shamba cafe is located along Loresho Ridge.  They usually use local ingredients to make their tasty dishes. It also serves good African meals at a good price. Moreover, they serve fresh breakfast and they usually take very little time to attend to their customers.

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Nook Cafe

The Nook Café is tucked away in the heart of Hurlingham.

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It is one of exceptional cafe that uses free range and organic ingredients to create different meals every single days.

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They always serve customers at its best. Morning hours and evenings, Nook Cafe serves luscious coffee. More so, they have in-house made cold brew coffee and a small selection of baked goods.

It is one of those cafe you wouldn’t want to visit once.


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