Spellbinding allure of Rusinga Island Lodge, The Heart Of Lake Victoria

The breathtaking Rusinga Island, a place of infinite beauty that will leave you rejuvenated and ready for your next adventure. The Rusinga Lodge, nestled on the shores of Lake Victoria, offers a serene getaway with pristine surroundings and cottages that provide scenic views over the lapping waters of the lake.

One of the main attractions on the island is the archaeological dig where thousands of fossils have been found. This includes the proconsul Heseloni, which is believed to be a common ancestor of humans and apes and possibly lived here 25 million years ago. This is the same location where celebrated archeologist Dr Louis Leakey and his wife Mary pitched their tent under a 300-year-old fig tree in 1948.

Rusinga Island Lodge, The Heart Of Lake Victoria


Luxury & Rejuvenation at Rusinga

1.But that’s not all; the smaller islands near Rusinga are havens for spotted necked otters and giant prehistoric-looking monitor lizards that crawl on the guano-covered rocks. Mfangano Island, which rears nearby, is also a must-visit destination for those interested in viewing ancient Ukula caves.

  1. For animal lovers, Ruma National Park, with its population of rare, exquisitely attractive Rothschild giraffes and the endangered roan antelopes, is just a short boat ride away. And speaking of boats, a visit to the island on engine-mounted boats is a must for tourists seeking adventure, excellent fishing, and water sports.

    Rusinga Island Lodge, The Heart Of Lake Victoria
  2. The lodge and its precincts are home to the rare graceful genet cats, felines active mainly under the cover of darkness. The lodge is also a bird sanctuary, boasting over 300 species where the feathered creatures chirrup, coo, shriek, cough, and whistle. Over the azure lake, vast flocks of cormorants, their wings outspanned to catch the sun’s rays, are a joy to watch in the early mornings and late afternoons.
  3. The thatched chalets are comfort zones, comprising six self-contained cottages, each with a family outfit complete with a twin room and an interconnecting provision. All rooms have spacious verandas overlooking the lake and are air-conditioned. And when it comes to dining, Rusinga’s renowned hospitality, delicious home-grown, home-cooked food, and indulgent accommodation combine to offer an ideal base from which to explore other areas of East Africa.
  4. Getting to the island is easy; you can take a 20-minute charter flight from Kisumu or a 35-minute flight from the teeming savannahs of the Masai Mara. The easiest way to get to the island is by plane, with a number of daily scheduled flights from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Kisumu. The airstrip is located on the island, just a short stroll away from the lodge.
  5. Lastly, the Wellness Spa at Rusinga is the perfect place to indulge the senses and be rejuvenated. The spa offers a number of treatments, including aromatherapy massages, Indian head massages, manicures, and pedicures.
Rusinga Island Lodge, The Heart Of Lake Victoria

Don’t miss out on the spellbinding allure of Rusinga Island; make a reservation today at +254791809230/ +254716055924 or +254733 121148.


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Rusinga Island Lodge, The Heart Of Lake Victoria

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