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It is evident that owning a secret gives you an advantage over others. In most cases, it’s hard for people to keep secrets. No matter how close you are to them. PERIS tells it all about the secret that takes the bloom off the bosom buddies.


My Sister and I are bosom buddies. Am sure if we could choose our sisters just the way we choose friends, Hanna will still be my sister and a bff. Through our up brining till now she has always been a ride or die. We have always explored our wanderlust spirits together, kept deep secrets and bailed each other out I when things were thick. Hanna is a party animal; I do not think there is a club around Langata she hasn’t visited. Our favourite spot was 1824 in Langata. Thats our Ka’local. Affordable, dope vibez, ease to bag a mbabaz…you know. It has it all.

She knows my little dirty secrets, including my body count. In our gin-escapades, we could pillow talk everything. She is a gin connoisseur, ever since she introduced to me the smooth fresh & floral London dry gin, Bloom, our night-inn had increased tremendously. At the heights our full Bloom she would remind me of how much I had a crush on Ryan when we were in highschool only to be invited to Ryan’s ruracio later that year. But I had to move on with that. When she talked about how much I loved Ryan, I could remind him of how she yearned to tour the Maldives with Eric, the then high school sweetheart. We could remind ourselves of these stories and laugh out loud. Making a toast to the moments. It reminded us of a lot of things.


So, there is this one weekend she asked me if we could meet at our local for a one for the road. I accepted the invite. It was those buzzing Thursday nights, that the big boyz never missed. I could get a cocktail or two before my fine *ss arrested someone’s attention. She sounded urgent. That rose my curiosity. For quite some time, Hanna had gone low on relationships. The Ex-boyfriend, Roy, was toxic and her resent entanglement with her spoon wasn’t doing her any good. I could feel the urge to ask her what was biting but I chose to sit pretty as the cub guy manoeuvred his way up the traffic.  Although, she was seeing someone, she had kept it on wraps even from me. As the big sister, I knew it was only a matter of time before she would let the cat of the closet. I had already asked Ivy, our closest bar attendant, to book us inn. She is the type to update you on all the hot gossip in town. She doesn’t look the part though.

‘Hello sis, long time sweetie, it’s been a minute, Babe!!’ Hanna whispered, stretching for a hug. “I’m good love.” I glowed up, tucking it tight. Ivy was already at our table. “Ivy leta Bloom cocktails Mbili” I ordered as we stretched for another hug.

So, sis, what’s up?

Hanna Confession

Hanna started:

‘Sis, you see there is this guy, Jeff….’ Ohh the one who is always calling you always making your line busy on another call? I chimed in. Hanna smirked and continued, ‘let me give you the story wacha siasa.  I calmed down and started listening to her.

So, Jeff and I are not in the best of books. Last month I noticed something queer on his phone. “But we agreed about men and their phones…” I interposed. She sneered and went on. ‘I knoooow! But something is not right. There is this lady, Eunice… her texts keep popping up.’


Our cocktails were here, colourful with the umbrella-straw basking outside.  I raised for a toast as she patted her face with some wipes. “I think am Paged!” she spurted as she

reached for a sip.  I froze on the moment. With myriads of thoughts gushing darting through my mind. The dominant thought, that of our dad’s reaction.



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