Sip With Me

Chapter II

The Master Mind

Sisters are those people that one can confidently share their deepest secrets with. They are the best advisors and best of friends. Lida Hale said that it is to be treasured when sisters are close and it would be a loss for both of them when they aren’t as Peris narrates

“Wait! Tell me you are jesting. This can’t be real!” I obtruded. Hanna, that joke isn’t even funny. You know our dad well, right?  I asked her as we quaffed our Bloom cocktails. The situation looked more real on every cocktail downed. As she continued narrating the story, I definitely knew we had to come up with a solid plan on the next move. She was balancing on thin ice. And the stakes were high. I was the only rock she had to lean on, I couldn’t break.


The club was filing up slowly, with murmurs from the drunk revellers growing bigger. Ivy, our favourite bartender, was busy cat walking throw the barrels serving the thirsty guys who couldn’t stop ogling. She finally landed on our table, serving us 4 more cocktails.

“Is Jeff aware about that or did you find out and just keep it to yourself?” I asked Hanna as she kept going on with the conversation.

You see, Hanna continued:

Jeff knows it. He was irked with it, claiming he was not ready for all this. He is of the option I find a way of taking care of my ‘mess.’ And yes, he termed it as a mess. He blames me for everything. I remember very well when we agreed that we swore about men and their phones but Eunice’s texts and calls were becoming too much and that got into me. Do you even know what I saw that popped last on Jeff’s phone?

“Tell me, babe” I asked Hanna to continue.

Eunice is not just flirting with Jeff, she is now sexting with nudes and some explicit videos.  To make the matters worse, she was asking him for some clinic money. I was afraid that if Jeff knew that I knew this about them he could harm me. I know we are not in good terms but I would never want to lose this baby. At the same time, I am also stressed. Am two months paged. Just like I have told you. I don’t know the future of this child. I wanted a family. I never want to be through this solitarily. And by the way Hanna, the other day, Mum kinda noticed. You know that woman and her instincts. She asked me how I have suddenly grown thick, but in a good way. I brushed her off with ‘ni kukula vizuri.’ I bet she swallowed it. Ever since, she keeps on checking on me and I am not sure about her reactions too. Am glad you are here with me. I really needed you the most at this moment. So what’s the plan? What am I going to do about this, sis? Should I tell Jeff I know about his affair with Eunice? Should I tell mum the truth so she can defend me when dad learns about this?

I was now speechless. Tears almost breaking the sockets. I bore into her. She looked so tense; I know when my sister is not okay. I was now having all the cocktails to myself. I chugged down, hoping for some miracle inspiration. Something crossed my mind, despite the bitter part of our story, there was something sweet about the bloom gin that could make the conversation go on without thinking too much on the negative side. I agreed with Hanna that I was going to talk to mum about it and ask her to try and make things right with Jeff. She agreed to it.

As we were deep into the conversation and imbibing our drink, there was a long text from Hanna’s notification bar. It was a text from Jeff, her baby daddy. Talk of the devil! Hanna Exclaimed.

Part of the text read;


“Babygirl, I’m sorry about everything.. TBC


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