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Haunting Past/ Closet with Bones

Most of us have so inauspiciously underestimated other people’s past and how bad it was. It becomes a deprivation that we create in our friendship when we treat each other without being just and not getting to know someone’s past. FAITH RONO narrates the horror closet full of bones.

I couldn’t let any of them know that I am aware of everything that is going on between the two. I had to excuse myself from there and let them try to solve their own problem. I took my drink at the balcony and took some chug as we talked about what they have just realized.  I was sure Joyce was not ready to let the cat out of the bag about what Dickson told her at the beginning.

Everything was now working as i was expecting. It all started back in my high school at this international school in Karen. My parents had passed on earlier that year before I joined the school; life was almost fracturing in front of my eyes.   Life was on a balancing on a thin ice since there was no one to come to my aid. Luckily, my aunt came to my aid. My Aunt was working in the institution as a librarian. I never knew this, but with her American English, now I could join the dots. Her kids had studied there. We were all jealous of them. They hanged out with these whites.  She was willing to take over my education.  Although it was hard for me to fit it, I really tried.  It was paradise but it still felt cold to me. Ever been in a good place and not feel good? For over three years, that was my life.


It is in that ritzy school that I met both Joyce and Rahab. They were these ‘spoilt’ kids living the life. Our friendship was not that good but I was just trying to get into their company that I never got to fit in. Whenever we went out to functions, they had their own clique. Pimped cars, hottest boyfriends and definitely the most fashionable student in our class. Joyce and Rahab were undeniably the envy of the school. Good genes and money. I could watch them as they could engage in all kinds of things most youths engage in in their teen years. Fame, money and drugs ruled their circles. At the back of my mind, my background could not let any kind of pressure get me away from my studies. If I never took my studies seriously, chances of securing a scholarship were very slim.

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My parents had both died of the dreadful HIV Aids and that was something that I always kept a secret. I remember trying to commit suicide but thanks to the counseling everything turned out positively aside from my status. But how long was I going to endure such a kind of life? I have always been a bright student all through my school years. This one thing got me few friends in here. I could help them in assignments, and occasionally some exam. I had to do this, to be considered in their team. Am not sure if they knew what kind of a torture they were both getting me through. They manipulated me most times. I could do most of which they asked me to do in order to fit in with their clique of friends.  My aunt couldn’t give me enough pocket money and that’s where they came in handy. Aside that, they only flaunted their life out and never empathized with me. I can’t blame them. I blame myself for always acting strong and comfortable with my situation. I remember the multiply nights I cried myself to sleep after being ditched with them. This made me feel bad. We completed our main exams; I passed and luckily secured a place in a university nearby. The scholarship that I had applied for went through and I got a lot of support. Both Joyce and Rahab passed but they were on campus on a self-sponsored student’s programme. That is where we met again with the two ladies, 3 months later.

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As I was taking my drinks from the balcony, it felt like the two ladies had come to an agreement on something. At the beginning, things never seem to end up so good. It’s like they realized it was not their mistake for getting themselves engaged with the same dude.

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