Sigh of Relief For Kenyans As Maize Flour Price Are Set To Reduce

For the last few weeks, maize flour was one of the basic commodities that its price shot to double its initial price.
Recently, Cs for Agriculture told Kenyans that the government will suspend levies and any taxes imposed on imported maize in a proposal to lower the prices of maize.

However, the Agriculture CS, Peter Munya, while speaking at the Namanga border in Kajiado, said the suspension will last for 90 days.

“This will take effect in the next two days once the same has been published and gazetted by the government,” said Munya.

According to Munya, some individuals have taken advantage of the situation by hiking the price of the maize.

“Maize, being the staple food in the country, the government is looking for ways and means of addressing the cost of maize which has affected negatively every home in the country,” said Munya.

Munyi met government official yesterday in Namanga boarder to discuss the maize shortage issue in Kenya.

“It is evident that some people have been hoarding maize to punish others. We will bring down all those levies to bring down the prices to affordable levels. We do not expect any one of them to complain when the prices come down for the three months,” said Munya.

According to Munya, the effect will take place on 1st of July 2022 .

“We have also authorised millers to import maize which is duty-free from the rest of the world for the next 90 days,” added Munya.

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Consequently, Munya added that the prices of animal feeds will also come down after yellow maize has been ordered to be imported.

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