Shaffie Weru Lands Lucrative Belaire Brand Ambassador Position

Media personality Shaffie Weru is set to make a remarkable return to the entertainment industry, stepping into the role of East Africa brand ambassador for the renowned alcoholic beverage, Luc Belaire.

During an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the former radio personality unveiled his exciting new venture, aligning himself with the ranks of influential brand ambassadors that include American rapper Rick Ross, Diamond Platnumz, and DJ Khaled.

 bags lucrative Belaire brand ambassador role – Exclusive – Nairobi News

Shaffie, currently overseeing events and branding for Governor Johnson Sakaja’s office, enthusiastically conveyed his commitment to this esteemed position. He stressed his resolve to play a part in rejuvenating the entertainment sector and, consequently, stimulating economic growth.

“This new position will enable me to bring back [my party persona] Raverend. I will help the entertainment industry bring back the economy,” Shaffie remarked confidently.

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His official introduction as Belaire’s brand ambassador is scheduled for later this week. Shaffie disclosed that this role would demand his active presence during both day and night, aligning with the lively party atmosphere that defines his industry.

As part of his ambassadorial responsibilities, Shaffie is preparing for a significant amount of travel and eagerly anticipating the adventures it will bring.

Although specific figures were not disclosed, Shaffie suggested that his earnings from this role would exceed his previous income when he worked as an on-air personality.

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