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Women still face difficulties when they travel alone abroad, despite the growing trend. But when it comes to safety and equality, some places are at the top of the list.

One-third of travelers, namely older women, prefer to travel alone, according to research by Norwegian Cruise Line. According to internal study conducted by travel network Virtuoso, women 65 and older will make up the majority of the growth in solo travel in 2022. They made up 18% of single travelers in 2022, while only making up 4% of solo travelers in 2019.


Despite the rising popularity of solo travel, women still face particular difficulties when they travel overseas on their own. Although women should feel comfortable traveling anywhere in the world, the truth is that prejudice and security issues still affect women anywhere in the world.

Nevertheless, numerous nations have made a deliberate effort to increase women’s safety as well as to assess the views of female citizens toward safety in their nation.

According to Women’s Peace and Security Index (WPS) from Georgetown University, the Global Gender Gap report from the World Economic Forum, and the Global Peace Index (PGP) from the Institute for Economics and Peace to determine which regions have made the most advancements in ensuring the safety and equality of traveling women. Then, in order to learn what made women feel comfortable while traveling alone, hear their personal travel advice, and discover the greatest things to see and do as a solo traveller, we spoke with women who had visited the top-ranking nations.


Norway has established itself as a welcoming destination for travelers of all kinds, including LGBTQ+ and solo travelers. It was ranked number one in the WPS for its top scores in women’s financial inclusion, absence of legal discrimination, and women’s community safety. Norway has also consistently ranked in the top 10 of the most gender equitable and happy countries in the world.

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Torunn Tronsvang, the creator of Up Norway and an Oslo resident, observes that the country’s socially accepting and trusting culture makes it the perfect setting for single women. She advised, “You can easily ask someone at a nearby cafe table to watch over your things while you use the restroom.” She is especially pleased of the large number of women-owned enterprises in this area that have developed famous dining and lodging establishments in rural locations around the nation.
Tronsvang advises guests to adopt the Norwegian idea of “friluftsliv,” or “living in the great outdoors,” in order to get the most out of their trip. With increased solar activity predicted by Nasa through 2025, an Arctic journey during which travelers spend their days dog sledding and snowshoeing and their nights in family-run igloos and ice lodges can be an excellent opportunity to see the Northern Lights.


The UAE continues to be a trailblazer in gender equality in the region and recently achieved gender parity in its parliament. The UAE received the highest ratings in the WPS within the Middle East and North Africa for women’s educational attainment and financial inclusion. Additionally, 98.5% of women aged 15 and older say they “feel safe walking alone at night in the city or area where [they] live,” placing it first among all nations in the index’s community safety category.

Fantastic nighttime skyline with illuminated skyscrapers. Elevated view of downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

According to an index created by the travel insurance provider Insure My Trip, Dubai in particular is the safest location for female travelers traveling alone. Influencer Sandy Aouad, who alternates between living in Dubai and Paris, claims she has always felt secure in the city, even in its furthest neighborhoods. When I once had a flat tire, I drove off into the desert, leaving my car unlocked and the keys inside, she recalled. I was completely aware that I could rely on the taxi to pick me up and that the vehicle would be secure.

She advises lone travelers to go on a desert safari because it’s a simple way to meet lots of intriguing people.


With a score of 85%, Slovenia, which is rated first in the WPS index for Central and Eastern Europe, has seen a significant improvement in women’s perceptions of safety in recent years.

When Claire Ramsdell first arrived in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital and largest city, she spent the evenings walking around and taking pictures.

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Additionally, she noted that the country’s public transit system was dependable and large, and the metropolis was relatively walkable. She suggests Ljubljanayum Food Tours and Food Tour Ljubljana for individuals wishing to travel with others who share their interests. She advises tourists, whether traveling in group or on their own, to order buckwheat walnut truklji from Moji Truklji, which she calls “one of the best desserts ever,” and to sample the famed gelato at Cacao.


Rwanda ranks first in the world for gender equality in parliament, with 55% of its representatives being female, according to the WPS. It also does well in the index’s assessment of public safety, and it is placed sixth globally in the Global Gender Gap Index, which gauges a nation’s level of economic, educational, healthcare, and political equality.

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When Rebecca Hansen relocated to Rwanda from Denmark in 2019, she experienced this firsthand and discovered that it was incredibly safe for solitary travelers. “There is police, security, and military around at almost all locations and all times of day and night,” she claimed. “At first, it could appear scary, but you’ll soon realize that all of these uniforms are friendly people who are always willing to help out.”



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