Rwanda Bans Imports of Kenyan-Made chicken flavoured Indomie

Recently, there have been concerns over the safety of popular Indomie, instant noodles after the Food Safety Authority of Egypt banned its chicken and vegetables flavored instant noodles. Egypt had cited that it’s unsafe for human consumption. However, Rwanda has now banned imports of Kenyan-made chicken-flavored Indomie brands of noodles. Importers have been stopped from distributing the products in the country.

Nonetheless, Rwanda Food and Drug Authority has started an inspection into this food brand. Recently, KEBS is yet to issue a statement on the safety of Indomie.


“While the inspection continues all distributors and retailers in possession of the above-mentioned products are requested to stop distribution and quarantine all quantities in their stores until the investigation is concluded,” The Times of Rwanda reported on Sunday.

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However, last month, 733,340 cartons of different Indomie product flavors have been withdrawn from the market.

It was reported that they were found to contain a proportion of aflatoxins and pesticide residues. The aflatoxins exceed the safe limits allowed for human consumption”.

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