Ruto’s plan to sell cheap food to Kenyans Amidst food crisis

Recently, the Kenya Kwanza administration of President William Ruto took action to address the devastating food situation by building a crucial food reserve.

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“KNTC is now calling on wholesalers, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), supermarkets, traders, chamas and cooperative societies and other interested bulk buyers to partner and leverage on its national e-voucher infrastructure and capacity in order to avail rice, edible oils (201), sugar, ndengu, beans and milk powder for sale,” read part of the notice.

Kenya National Trading Corporation (KNTC) declared that the National Essential Food Reserve will purchase food items in bulk and offer them to the general people at a lower price in an effort to reduce food prices in the nation.

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Unga in supermarket

According to KNTC, the project attempted to stabilize consumer prices by balancing the supply and demand for fundamental household commodities and agricultural inputs.
The application process was also described by KNTC, who instructed interested distributors to contact *15328# to register before receiving vouchers.

KNTC created an e-voucher distribution system, which uses electronic vouchers to deliver agricultural inputs to farmers, so that the government could regulate the supply and demand for food goods from the National Essential Food Reserve.

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KNTC invited producers and merchants to submit their bids so that they may supply the government with essential food goods through the National Vital Food Reserve.

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Maize flour

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