Ruto Joins Sakaja In Bid To Close Night Clubs In Nairobi Estates

Earlier today during the official opening of twiga foods distribution centre, president William Ruto said that he is supporting Governor Sakaja in night club closure in Nairobi estates.

“Governor Sakaja, please keep the noise away from our children. You have our support..” Ruto said this over the ongoing crackdown on nightclubs and bars in Nairobi County residential areas.

The President was speaking on Monday at Tatu City Special Economic Zone for the official opening of the Twiga foods distribution Centre.

Consequently, the Nairobi County government has withdrawn all licenses for nightclubs and liquor stores within residential areas in a move to curb noise and annoyance in the estates.

According to the new directions, no nightclub licenses would be issued or renewed for establishments outside the city center.

“Those already issued [with licenses] are hereby canceled and the establishments may continue operating as bars and restaurants,” head of county public service Jairus Musumba said.

“Henceforth, nightclub licenses will be issued to premises only within the central business district and specified streets in other non-residential areas.”

Bars and restaurants to close at 11pm

Residents of Nairobi estates have neem complaining over the noise pollution within their neighbourhoods. The decision to introduce strict measures comes in the backdrop of rise of complaints from the residents over the noise arising from the bars within residential estates.

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