Rongai’s Most Famous Keg Joints

Keg is one of the most affordable beer for those in the middle class. It will mostly cost you at least 50 shillings a cup. This products are usually targeted for low income consumers.

If you are in Rongai, there are some few places that are known for good keg. One of the places is just few meters from Tumaini centre opposite Maasai Mall. At this place, you will find containers filled with a lot of people taking several drinks including Keg. If you are a football fan, you will also get a place to watch without disruptions.

Besides that, the place is also close to where you can eat. It is just next to Baraka Rescue Hotel.  

Keg Barrel photo courtesy

Another place is Mama Africa. Few meters from the new Mayan Mall is where you will find Mama Africa. Mama Africa is not only known for Keg but also Muratina. The Keg is also sold at an affordable price in this area.

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Few meters from the main maasai lodge stage, you will also find some containers. Just opposite Ole Kasasi stage, there are few containers that sell Keg.


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