Ride Unleashed-Sigiria Circuit

Sigiria Circuit-A great biking trail to ride in the heart of Nairobi City. 

Cycling is such an enjoyable sport because you get to burn calories while exploring and sightseeing, plus de-stress and bond with friends. In Kenya, bikers enjoy beautiful scenery and can meet with like-minded adventurers in cycling clubs such as Tubike Kenya. The beauty and tranqulity of Sigiria Forest, a wing of Karura, is something to behold. It offers a great venue to experience a doubletrack in the heart of Nairobi City with spectacular trail. This loop also has a hand curated trail maps and driving directions for keen cyclists.

Revda, Russia – July 31, 2016: man mountainbiker rides on a sports bicycle on a forest trail. in forest mist, mysterious view during Regional competitions on cross-country bike

Reasons to Take on the Sangiria Circuit with TuBike

1.The famous Karura Forest Sigiria, which is accessible through Thigiri Lane is a great biking path from Westlands to Muthaiga aroundKarura Forest to the United Nations. The other direct access to the trail is from the ‘Sharks Gate’ (Gate-C) entrance off Kiambu Road

  1. There are three designated trails at Sigiria – 5km, 10km for people to explore with an average of 1 h 30 min to complete and the newly refurbished Matembezi trail, which is ideally meant for persons with disability.
  2. Ride through thick forest trails mingling with drifters and get to learn something new about mountain biking skills from their guest guides
  3. For only 1500/- for subscribed members and 2500/- for non-members you get in motorless motion with the drifters. This comes with the bike, a helmet and a bottle of water.
  4. This route winds through the trails at Karura Forest. The park is a secure, well-fenced and patrolled forest in the heart of Nairobi with well-marked trails.
  5. Along this route, you can get off the bike and visit the Karura Waterfalls at junction marker number 26 or 25 on the Mau Mau Trail.
  6. Early biking guarantees you the heavenly sounds of chirping birds, howling monkeys and buzzing insects.
  7. The Tubike guides will educate and teach you more about Bike Etiquette, when to shout “Coming through!” or “Track left/right!” and when to ring the bell
  8. Unlike the KaruraLimuru road and Kiambu road sections, Sigiria is not crowded.
  9. You can enjoy the trail as early as 6am (When the forest opens) and closes at 6pm daily. Last entry is at 5:45pm while the gates are locked at 7pm.
  10. You can wind down after the circuit at the revamped Sigiria picnic site, a much more “bush-like” experience within a charming African olive grove near Gate-F. Damages are only Ksh. 150/= for adult picnickers and 100/= for kids under 12.
  11. Other fun activities at the park include tree planting, horse riding, mountain biking and bird watching.


What to bring to the cycling expedition

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Ready for a day of cycling? Use our comprehensive gear list so you don’t forget anything important.

Wicking jersey or top

Padded Cycling shorts or tights

Cycling gloves

Sporty Footwear suited to bike’s pedals

Sunglasses or cycling shades

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