Retailers On The Spot For Hiking Food Prices

Some retailers have taken advantage of the recent inflation to hike their goods. However, the onsumer watchdog Cofek has called on the Competition Authority to act on retail outlets. that have hiked prices of basic commodities.

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Nonetheless, the secretary-general Stephen Mutoro said the federation has received heightened grievances about exaggerated prices for basic commodities like maize meal, wheat flour, sugar, cooking oil, tissue paper among other essential commodities in the market.

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“Abuse of buyer power between manufacturers and supermarkets is hurting both consumers and consumers alike. Retail chains are varying prices at will and in an exorbitant manner,” Mutoro said.

According to Mutoro, the retailers are taking advantage of the upcoming general elections and high inflation to hike food prices.

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“Accordingly, we call upon the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) to take immediate actions to restore order within the retail chains countrywide.”

Furthermore, Mutoro called on the Retail Traders Association of Kenya (RETRAK) to investigate those who are taking advantage.

“Further, we demand that manufacturers communicate their updated Recommended Retail Price (RRP) on their websites with immediate effect. This would allow consumers to make necessary price comparisons,” Mutoro said.

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